Time to order Swim suits!

(Ordering completed for 2019-2020)

Each year, FOSD coordinates the ordering of the required and optional swim gear. The team places a bulk order based on the individual online orders done by the parents. Typically, this information comes out shortly before the season start and parents need to act quickly to get their orders completed before the deadline. Orders are then distributed at either a practice or parent meeting early in the season, before the first meet.

For 2019-20 season, orders are being coordinated by Amy Reichle and Tracey Marano You should receive email details from Amy and Tracey regarding the orders. If you have questions, please send them to cchsfosd@gmail.com

All swimmers/divers, both new and returning, need a team suit. The suit is the same as last year so use your discretion about whether a new suit is needed. All swimmers need swim caps as well. The caps are also the same as last year,again please check the condition of any previously worn caps and determine whether new ones are needed.

  • Girls Suits: Choose between the two styles - thick and thin straps

  • Boys Suits: Choose between the two styles - jammer and brief

  • Caps: Caps can be (optionally) ordered with swimmer names. These names make it easier to spot your swimmer on the deck and in the pool.

  • Backpack: This is an OPTIONAL item

Please see your email for the ordering details and instructions. If you did not receive an email, please contact cchsfosd@gmail.com right away.